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Streaming with the Mouse is a weekly podcast
where hosts Cliff and Cam talk about what they’re
watching on Disney Plus that week. From Disney animation,
to Star Wars, to Disney live-action, and Marvel, we have
you covered on the best the streaming service has to offer!

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Who We Are:

Check out the bios of our two hosts:


  Clifton Paul Robinson

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 Cliff is a graduate student at Northeastern University. He has been a Disney fan for as     long as he can remember. He gre up always watching Disney movies and collecting     the different toys. The first time he visited Disney was during his senior year of high     school, where he spent Thanksgiving their with his family. Cliff has always loved     animation of Disney as well as the creative process. As true lover of film, and just a     huge nerd, Disney is the perfect company for him.


  Cameron Ramos

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 Cam is a graduate student at Bridgewater State University and he has been a Disney     fan since before he could walk or talk. Cameron grew up watching Disney movies and     shows with his parents and sister, and they would travel to Walt Disney World every     summer. The history of Disney animation and the Disney Parks is what has helped fuel     Cameron’s love for Disney throughout his life. Cameron is a huge Star Wars and Disney     fan as well, and the fact that those two mega franchises are also under the Disney     umbrella makes him very happy.

Fast Facts About the Hosts:


Favorite Disney Character: Stitch
Favorite Disney Movie: The Lion King
Favorite Pixar Movie: The Incredibles
Favorite Star Wars Character: Ahsoka Tano
Favorite Star Wars Movie: Empire Strikes Back
Favorite Marvel Character: Iron Man
Favorite MCU Movie: Iron Man
Favorite Disney Theme Park: Magic Kingdom
Favorite Disney Ride: Splash Mountain
R.I.P. The Great Movie Ride
Favorite Disney Snack: Dole Whip Swirl* / Churros
*I'm glad I'm not allergic to pineapple anymore


Favorite Disney Character: Donald Duck
Favorite Disney Movie: The Lion King
Favorite Pixar Movie: Ratatouille
Favorite Star Wars Character: Luke Skywalker
Favorite Star Wars Movie: Rogue One
Favorite Marvel Character: Spider-Man
Favorite MCU Movie: Avengers: Endgame
Favorite Disney Theme Park: Hollywood Studios
Favorite Disney Ride: Pirates of the Carribean
until he goes on Rise of the Resistance in june 2020!
Favorite Disney Snack: Pineapple Dole Whips / Popcorn*
*Expensive Novelty Bucket Needed

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